Contest Rules - FT8

Last Update: 10 Sep 2022

  1. Participant and the callsign used has to have valid amateur radio licenses issued by respective government. Copy of this license has to be provided upon request to Contest Manager/Contest Committee
  2. Contest schedule: November 12, 2022 at 08:00 UTC – November 13, 2022 at 08:00 UTC
  3. Bands: 40 Meter Band (7.080 - 7.090 MHz). Please monitor the band and avoid using emergency communication and other frequencies being used by net
  4. Contest Exchange: 59 + Grid Locator
  5. Category FT8:
    • Single Operator
  6. Scoring:
    • Any contact (QSO) with own country: 5 points
    • QSO with other country in same continent: 10 points.
    • QSO with other country in different continent: 10 points.
    • QSO with YB stations: 15 Point
  7. Challenge point. Each contact of the stations below gets 50 points
    • 7AØC (Contest Station of ORARI South Jakarta)
  8. Multiplier
    • Country multiplier: 1 for each country
    • World prefix: 1 for each prefix
  9. Contest logging and log submission
    • Logging software used: N1MM
    • Only cabrillo format is accepted
    • Submission must be done via this link. No email submission will be accepted
    • No paper log is accepted
    • All submission must be done 7 (Seven) days after the end of contest: 20 November 2022
    • Late submission will be considered as check log
  10. Certificate: Electronic Certificates will be given to all participants who will submit their log, except Check Log
  11. Award plaques from our sponsors will be awarded to top scorer in the following category
    • Extra Class (YB - YE) High Power
    • Extra Class (YB - YE) Low Power
    • Advanced Class (YC - YF) High Power
    • Advanced Class (YC - YF) Low Power
    • General Class (YD - YG)
    • Oceania Continent Winner (DX)
    • Worldwide Winner (DX outside Oceania)
  12. Winner will be announced on this website latest by 05 December 2022
  13. Self-Spotting is prohibited and only one signal is allowed at any time
  14. Relaying via repeater and/or internet link is not allowed
  15. The South Jakarta DX Contest Committee can disqualify any contester if there is a violation on these rules.
  16. The Decision of Contest Committee is final.

Contest Manager of South Jakarta DX SSB and Digital FT8 Contest 2022